CTEF 2020 Art Contest Virtual Award Ceremony and Sponsorship Announcement

We have held CTEF 2020 Art Contest Virtual Award Ceremony today. Thank you all for joining us for the celebration of art contest, especially in time of this special year. We feel the pain, we struggle, we reflect, we learn to enjoy, we pull through, and we grow with resilience, together, stronger. And if you missed tonight's event, do not worry, we will share event recording soon.

Most impressively, our young artists shared the stories of their creativity, artistic design and inspiration. Thank you all for sharing with us!

We also announced 1+1 honorable sponsorship.

For Division I, we have

For details, please visit our sponsorship forum

Division I 张琳珊

赵依彤 赵芳敏


Division II

Detailed can be found at



于盼盼 罗杭

Division III sponsorship information can be found here: 潘新雁




Division IV

More detailed information for sponsored students:

杨启明 杨刚


邱熙闲 You are also welcome to share the Thank You Letters from the sponsored students here. We will post more as we received more letters from the students.

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