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Board MemberS & Management Team

Jia Dai, Board, VP (China)

Jia joined CTEF in May 2017. She is a new immigrant from Beijing and comes to Seattle several times every year. Jia will help to set up the CTEF Beijing office and coordinate the projects in China.


Xin Ge, Board, Secretary(US)

Xin has been working in the financial industry since 2000. As a child, she was influenced by her father's dedication to helping underprivileged college students at the college where he taught. Even though the family was in debt, he donated all his best teacher rewards to qualified students. Xin joined CTEF in 2008.


Gia Guo, Board, VP (US), Treasurer

Gia graduated from the Business School of George Washington University, and worked as a professional CPA for a few years. After she moved from New York to Seattle in 2009, she decided to apply her passion to a real estate career. Gia became interested in CTEF after the annual dinner in 2015, and she is active in community service and dedicated to helping disadvantaged children in her home country.


Mindy He, Project Manager for Student Sponsorship

Mindy He was a teacher at a teacher school in Beijing. As a teacher, Mindy believes that education can change the future of anyone. After learning about CTEF through a friend, she became a member of CTEF and committed herself to helping underprivileged students in China. She is now in charge of the 1+1 program.


Mengke Li, Board, Project Manager for Teacher Award

Mengke works as a software engineer at Microsoft and develops products and services as part of Microsoft's Office 365 solutions. She joined CTEF in 2012 and has been serving as a board member since 2013. Her passion is helping the  students and oversees various school projects. Starting in March 2017, Mengke started to help with the treasurer duties for CTEF. Mengke received her Ph.D. degree in Computer Science from University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Prior to that she graduated from HuaZhong University of Science and Technology in Wuhan city.


Waisiu Law, Board, President

Waisiu was born and raised in Hong Kong. He co-founded CTEF in 2000 with Dennis Su. He was an analog IC design engineer in the US for 20+ years. He returned to China in 2004 and is now in charge of a mixed signal IC design house in Hangzhou.

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Cecelia Yan, Board,  Treasurer Assistant, Student Sponsorship

Cecelia works as a principal data science manager at Microsoft and has been working in finance and tech industries for over 10 years. She witnessed that children in one rural area of China fought for living and couldn’t afford school, when she was young taken by her father to help there. After that she has been dedicated to supporting the lives of impoverished children in China with donations for years. In 2022, she decided to join CTEF for volunteering her time in various programs and directly making a real difference in young children from China in need, inspired by Microsoft GIVE campaign and CTEF mission. 


Vicky Liu, Board, PR manager

Vickie was born and raised in Hebei, China and is now a Boston based software engineer. Inspired by the mission that CTEF is committed to, she became a supporter of CTEF in 2022, and then a volunteer who maintains the social media platforms of CTEF. Vickie is passionate about helping underprivileged students in China and she believes that every kid can make a difference with the opportunity of quality education. Vickie received her Master's degree in Engineering from Carnegie Mellon University. Prior to that she graduated from Tianjin University in China.


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Qingyue Yang, Secretary(China)

Qingyue has always held great passion for helping children in education. She believes the best education should nurture responsibility and curiosity.


Peng Zhang 

Peng Zhang joined CTEF at the beginning of 2012, starting as a volunteer. He enjoyed that CTEF was helping children in rural areas of China. Now Peng is CTEF’s general secretary, responsible for PR with China and cooperation with sister organizations.



Ran Guo,

(Legal Counsel, China)


1. 非营利组织常年及专项法律服务

- 2013年以来持续为包括基金会、民办非企业单位以及境外非政府组织等在内的非营利组织提供合规风控管理、治理结构优化等方面的常年及专项法律服务,参与项目论证并出具法律意见,就捐赠合同、项目执行协议及合作协议等提供法律意见,就专项事务与业务主管单位及民政、公安等部门进行沟通协调等。

- 现任北京市西部阳光农村发展基金会监事、北京沃启公益基金会监事、深圳市霁风绿色金融促进中心(暨中国责任投资论坛中国责任投资论坛China Social Investment Forum)监事、社会价值投资联盟(深圳)专家;深圳国际公益学院客座讲师。

- 曾经提供和正在服务的社会组织,包括中国妇女发展基金会、中国神经科学学会、陈香梅公益基金会、浙江省妇女儿童基金会、福建省恒申慈善基金会、福建省兴业证券慈善基金会、北京童学公益基金会、北京楷祺心血管公益基金会、北京百度公益基金会、深圳市香港中文大学(深圳)教育基金会、国际合作志愿组织-我们的家园(意大利)北京代表处等。

2. 慈善立法与研究

3. 慈善信托实务

4. 社会组织法律培训


Yanfei Wang

(Legal Counsel, US)



Shirley Li

Shirley has been working as a tax CPA in various national and regional public accounting firms since 2008. She has extensive experience in tax compliance and consulting for NFP organizations, partnerships, corporations and individuals, with federal and state income tax, as well as related international tax filings. Shirley is a contributing editor of the 'Form 990 Compliance Guide', an online treatise published by the CCH. She is also a member of AICPA and WSCPA.


Michelle Yingyi Zou

Founder and CEO at Pacific Technologies Consulting Group (PTCG), Michelle Yingyi Zou is building a consulting, training, coaching, and marketing business focusing on US-China cross border opportunities, and facilitating organizations to learn from each other across the Pacific Ocean.  In addition, she is a business and leadership coach specializing in helping leaders and professionals grow their business and achieve their career goals.  She is also a management and marketing consultant and trainer for Microsoft, a board of director at Washington State China Relations Council, and a public speaker frequently speaks in China invited by the US Embassy in China. She is passionate about education and have been leading and volunteering in China Tomorrow Education Foundation (CTEF), and has served as the president of CTEF in the past.   


Dennis Su, Honorable Board

During his thirty years of experience in architectural design in the Pacific Northwest, Dennis has been heavily involved with many community activities.

He has been either president or board member of many community organizations since the 80s. He is a firm believer that merging his eastern background into the western environment will enhance the understanding and harmony between the east and the west. Ever since he entered into semi-retirement from  architecture in 2000, he has been leading CTEF in helping rural children in remote parts of China get a basic education.

One of his many hobbies is travelling - he's been to many parts of Asia, Europe, North America, and South America.

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