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$1 - A new book for the library

$20 - A new desk and chair

$170-$400 - Sponsor a student for a year so they don't have to drop out of school

$40,000-$60,000 - A new school building

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Donation FAQ

1.  When will I get receipt?

A receipt is an acknowledge of your donation.  If your donation is made with PayPal/Credit Card, you should get your PayPal receipt or PayPal/Credit Card statement. If donation is made with check, we will send you receipt after we deposit it.  If you donation is made via a third party, e.g. company giving program (e.g. Microsoft Giving Program is managed by Benevity platform, and carried out by a third party non-profit organization), you should get a receipt from that program or third party non-profit organization.  If that program cannot provide a receipt, please contact us.


2. When will I get official tax receipt?

Tax receipt is the document you can use at tax filing season as a proof of your charitable donation.  We distributed this tax receipt annually in January on an accumulated basis, via email or mail, whichever contact you provided to us.  


Please note that we are not supposed to issue tax receipts to individual donations made to the company program that assign the donations to us.  The program manager should facilitate you a donation receipt.  This is to avoid double counting.

3 What is your registered tax id?


4. Further questions, please contact us!

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