Each year CTEF organizes an art contest to raise awareness of the status of China's rural education, and encourage people to appreciate and contribute to the local community.

Our 9th annual event is a stamp design competition with the theme "Futureville". 

The winning artworks will be presented in the award album.  Each winning work will be printed onto stamps and used in our daily communication to show our appreciation to our donors and community.  We will also print out appreciation cards from these lovely works. 

Art has no boundary, and neither does love.  A piece of art, a little appreciation, a little love, goes a long way.

The award announcement is available at here.

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Theme From Past Years​

  • 2018  "That Beautiful Moment" "美好瞬间"

  • 2017   "Love Is All Around" “爱满天下”

  • 2016   "Connect" "纽带“

  • 2015    ”China Impression"  "中国印象“

  • 2014    ”My Dream School"  "我的梦中学校“

  • 2013    CTEF Logo Design

  • 2012    "Thank You"  "感谢”

  • 2011    “Love”  “爱”

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