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School Renovation



CTEF’s school program helps with school construction and renovation in rural areas. CTEF helps to rebuild school structures, as well as providing desks, blackboards, and books for libraries.


New projects have been introduced in recent years including essential facilities such as teacher and student dormitories, dining halls, sport fields, bathrooms, and showers.  With valuable experience in hundreds of projects across multiple provinces, CTEF carefully evaluates new applications, and closely monitors the construction progress and expenses.

How It Works

CTEF establishes a network of trustworthy volunteers in local rural areas. These volunteers send us firsthand school information and building proposals. CTEF evaluates whether requests from schools are carefully made, well planned for a limited budget, and meet CTEF’s criteria. With experience on dozens of projects within several provinces, CTEF has collected sufficient information on school building renovation and the availability of school supplies. New requests are compared to similar requests from the same region. Any request showing higher construction costs per square meter is contacted to provide further explanation.

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