First Thank You Letter in English

(By Mindy He)

We recently received a Thank You letter, in English, from one of the sponsored students this year. This is a first! She is a first-year college student. The letter has quiet some grammar errors and spelling mistakes...none the less, we are impressed by her sincere gratefulness.


Hello, sir or madam:

Please forgive me for my presumptuous interruption, my name is XXX, who got your help recently.

I'm not sure whether you are Chinese. But that's doesn't matter to send my grateful to you.

Oh, you may feel confuse to my presumptuous thanks. The thing is , you had funded me on a college student aid website ,the 天津市联合助学 organize.

As soon as I got the news, I wrote to you. I really want to share my feelings with you. I feel lucy, and moved for got help form you who I don't know before , and that is amazing when you need help , someone is reaching out to you. I will try my best to help others in the future, because helping others really feel good, and I want to become a kind person as you .

In the end ,I cant forget that the new year has come, hope you will have a meaningful and wonderful new year ,my kind new friends.

Latter the aid organize will hold a grateful letter written event ,soon you will receive my next more formal grateful letter.(in fact i don't like formism.)

Thanks again for your help.

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