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CTEF 2023-2024 Art Contest Award Announcement

尊敬的CTEF 2023-2024儿童绘画比赛参赛者及朋友们,感谢您的积极参与。

Thank you all for participating CTEF 2023-2024 Art Contest!


For our 13th annual contest with the theme of “Dream & Future” we received almost 200 submissions. We are honored to be joined by professional evaluators and artists from the Washington State Overseas Chinese Artists Association (WOACC) who have helped us select this years’ winners.







This year, the contest was held in five divisions:

Division 1: pre-K, Kindergarten, and 1st Grade.

Division 2:2nd and 3rd Grade.

Division 3:4th and 5th Grade.

Division 4:6th,7thand 8th Grade.

Division 5:9th Grade and above.


  For more about the history of this event, please visit

  每年的获奖作品会用于制作精美画册。我们还会用这些作品制作感谢卡给基金会的朋友。今年是绘画大赛特殊的一年:参赛者都会获得精美电子版纪念画册。 今年获得前三名奖次的小朋友会获得一定量的礼品卡,每个参赛的小朋友都会获得精美纪念品。

The award-winning designs are printed onto cards and stamps that carry love and care as we use them in correspondence with our donors and partners. We will publish Amazon E-Book for award winning art works. The first, second, and third place winners will get a small gift card. Every participant will receive a gift from CTEF.


Online art exhibition link by Division

Here is the award list.


Division I

Division II

Division III

Division IV

Division V

欢迎参加我们的即将于4月28日举行的颁奖典礼&作品展。 详细信息之后会颁布。

Please mark your calendar and join us at Award Ceremony & Art Exhibition on Apr 28th at Bellevue Community Center! More details to come!


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