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Thank you letter from Yingying Liu

(Translated by Charlie Wang)








Dear Ms. Guo,

How do you do?

Today, when I was looking through my old emails, I found my letter to you from ten years ago. I felt a flood of warmth in my heart. Do you still remember me? It’s me, Yingying Liu. Ten years ago, I received your scholarship aid in Yanshou First High School. I’m all grown up now, 25 years old. I was accepted to Harbin Medical University and am currently a graduate student at Harbin Medical University Affiliated 2nd Hospital, majoring in ultrasound medicine. You can say that I’ve achieved my childhood dream. And although I don’t consider myself to be super successful, at least my parents are happy. They can now walk in the village with their heads up high🤭.

I clearly remember writing to your niece. She went to Nankai University. That’s everything I know about you. In 2012, 2013, I wrote to you occasionally, but didn’t receive your response. Perhaps it’s because you didn’t use this address often or you wished to not be disturbed. Today, I’m writing to you because I want to thank you again.

Remembering back to 10th grade, I got fourth in the grade and first in my class on the monthly exam. I was overjoyed. My teacher also informed me that I received your scholarship aid. That 1800 yuan ten years ago meant so so much to my family, truly. I can still clearly recall my mom’s smile. Even talking about it now tugs at my heartstrings. It’s disheartening that I couldn’t reach you. Is everything going well with you? I really just wish to hug you. I think you’ll be genuinely happy for me.

In graduate school, my teachers and peers have all been very nice to me, and I’ve passed my medical license exam and am now a doctor. Soon, I’ll be able to make money and provide for my family! In the future, when I have the ability, I will also help those children in need like you did and pass on this silent love that you gave me all those years ago.

Lastly, I don’t know if this will ever reach you, but I am truly grateful and wish you the best of health, the best of luck, and happy Lantern Festival!

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