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CTEF Donated Student 5800 sets of student uniforms to Guizhou, China

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生态月亮山 编辑翻译 Li Li





From Congjiang, Guizhou: Tomorrow China Education Foundation Keeps Students Warm

By Ecology Mt Moon, Edited & Translated by Li Li

In the past few days, Seattle-based non-profit organization China Tomorrow Education Foundation (CTEF) has donated 5,800 sets of student uniforms to 15 rural schools, keeping the children in the mountainous region warm in the cold winter.

This donation has benefited 2,900 students from 15 schools of the Jia Jiu and Gu Ping villages. Each student received two sets of uniforms. The donation is said to be worth 217,500 yuan. Additionally, these uniforms were ordered from Cong Jiang Mei Yi Apparel Co., a factory at the Yin Liang Relocation Joint, part of the city’s poverty alleviation program. The order undoubtedly boosted local employment.

CTEF has spent many years caring for the education and the children of our mountainous region. In the past, the Foundation has donated multiple times for teacher dormitories, student cafeterias, school fencing walls, equipment and other materials. It has always been a positive force in local education.

For the children, the best way to show their gratitude is not words, but acts. The children will work hard with perseverance and courage. Their extraordinary accomplishments will be their way to say thank you to the nurture of their parents, the help from the society, and the expectations of those who care about them. The fragrance always stays in the hand that gives out the rose. We believe the kindness of these great people will keep the children warm and nurtured as they grow.


China Tomorrow Education Foundation Made A Donation of 1,410 Sets of School Uniforms to Jiajiu Central Elementary

Congjiang Education November 16, 2019 at 15:58:11

By Peng Lilan from Jiajiu Central Elementary, Edited & Translated by Renee Li

Under the matchmaking of Lan Guangting, teacher of Guping Elementary in Congjiang County, on November 15, 2019, Jiajiu Central Elementary received the donation of 1,410 sets of school uniforms, a total worth of 98,700 RMB, from China Tomorrow Education Foundation.

It is reported that since the year of 2007, China Tomorrow Education Foundation has always been supportive of education in Congjiang, the uniforms being the fifth donation. The donations, valued at 217,500 RMB, have helped about 2,900 students in Jiajiu Central Elementary and Guping Elementary with each student receiving 2 sets of school uniforms.




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