少年智更强,TOP挑战赛”——记大郝庄中学课余社团活动 Youth Wisdom Boot Camp/Competition-Story from Dahaozhuang Middle School

(转发 自 大郝庄中学)

(translated from original blog by Dahaozhuang Middle School)


In order to enhance students' hands-on and self-learning skills, broaden breath and width of prospective, promote interest and diligence in learning, encourage teamwork and coordination, raise sense of proper competition, our teachers have led the students to organize extracurricular activities and clubs with the help of Tiainjin United Education Assistance Foundation and CTEF. These clubs help improve students analytical skills and communication ability from multiple perspectives.


To meet the various needs of students and promote the healthy development that fits individual student's need, Dahaozhuang Middle School has established three clubs of science, English, and geography with the support of CTEF. Students can choose club activities according to their own interests.

科技社团 指导教师 荆茂凤 姚鹏 张晴 王世来

Science and Technology Society Instructor:

Jing Maofeng, Yao Peng, Zhang Qing, Wang Shilai.


指导教师 沈以文 鲁思敏 殷蕊 吕淑华

English club Instructor:

Shen Yiwen, Lu Simin, Yin Rui, Lv Shuhua


指导教师 张梦璐 王艺璇 郝式萍 王雪梅

Geographical Society Instructor:

Zhang Menglu, Wang Yixuan, Hao Shiping, Wang Xuemei


Club activities are developing vigorously, encouraging students to actively participate and make their own choices. Cultivating a happy and energetic atmosphere, club activities not only give fun time to the natural, innocent and free nature of students, but also allow them to understand each other, deepen their friendships and improve team awareness. Club activities are the key to open the door to students' wisdom and art. Let club activities be like spring breeze and rain, moisten things gently, and truly enter the lives of students and become an indispensable part of student life.

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