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CTEF 2022 Art Contest Award Ceremony

First time after pandemic, we gathered with friends, new and old, at North Bellevue Community Center Sunday, Apr 23rd, to celebrate creativity and love.

This is our 12th annual event and the theme is "What Can I Do For Others". We want to inspire everyone in the community to reflect on what we can do to contribute to a better community.

The event starts with art exhibition--it is amazing to see all the ideas our young artists are sharing with us! Together, we can surely make some influence, make some change.

Award ceremony--it is exciting to see all that smiles!

We are fortunate to have artworks from Guizhou this year and we have voted live for favorite art.

Our young artists shared their creative ideas and how it is carried out in their artwork.

It is so nice to meet all of you! Thank you all for coming!

Thanks for participating the event, and supporting parents and teachers!

And Big Thanks to our event partner, WOCAA,

And to all of our volunteers!

Special thanks goes to four brave young MCs for the event--courageous, humor, flexible to handle surprises and special moments!


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