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CTEF 2022-2023 Teacher Award Program completed

(by Mengke Li, Xin Ge)

The mission of the teacher award program is to help volunteering teachers and non-government-appointed teachers, (民办教师, 代课教师或志愿教师) who are working under the hardest circumstances and are still dedicated to education.

For 2022-2023 school year, we've received 12 applications from GuiZhou province and have completed the verification process for the final list of awardees.

The selection criteria are:

1. Those who are in extremely difficult economic circumstances, such as families receiving subsistence allowances, low-income families, or those who are unable to pay for their living expenses.

2. Teachers who have worked hard for many years and are honest and trustworthy.

3. Teachers who promise to report on their work regularly (annually).

4. Tomorrow China will decide each year whether to provide rewards or continue to provide rewards based on the teachers' situation. Tomorrow China is not obligated to provide or guarantee any teacher who has applied or received awards in the following year.

5. To seek funding, the application information shall be complete with all details as well as the school stamped recommendation letters.

6. If a teacher leaves their teaching position, the reward will be terminated.

According to the criteria mentioned above, CTEF has appointed three board members to verify and vote for each individual teacher based on their applications and provided materials. Teachers who received more than two-thirds of the "yes" votes will be granted the awards

All the sponsored teachers already received the funding this year. We hope our effort can show our appreciation and be of some encouragement for their dedication.


在2022-2023 学年度, 我们收到了来自贵州的12份申请,由专门的项目小组确认核实信息, 批准了申请。



1. 经济状况非常困难,如低保家庭, 家庭收入低,无力支付生活费等。

2. 教师多年努力工作,诚实可信.

3. 教师承诺定期(每年)报告工作情况。

4. 明日中华每年根据教师的情况决定是否提供奖励或继续提供奖励。明日中华无义务提供或保证任何申请或已受奖励的教师下一年的继续得奖。

5. 为寻求资助基金,申请教师的申请信息 (联系方式及其他家庭成员详细信息除外)、自述和调


6. 如教师离开教学岗位,奖励将终止。

根据以上的标准, 基金会有三位董事会成员组成项目负责小组来确认和评审每一位申请人的情况。每一位申请人需要三分之二的人投赞成票通过。



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