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CTEF 13th Art Contest Award Ceremony

The 13th Art Contest Award Ceremony held at the North Bellevue Community Center on April 28 is a wonderful celebration of creativity and talent!

With nearly 30 young artists showcasing their work live or via video, it is a vibrant and inspiring event with over 200 participants. It's fantastic that attendees had the opportunity to engage with the young artists, learn about their creative processes, and inspired by their motivation. At Award Ceremony, Kristy Wang, president of WOCAA, and Gia Guo, vice president of CTEF, distributed the award to the attendees.

The addition of the Guizhou art show, where attendees could vote for their favorite pieces from Guizhou, China, is a fascinating cultural exchange offers a peek into beautiful rural area in China. It's always enriching to explore and appreciate art from different parts of the world.

We hope you all enjoyed this fun-filled event with food, games, and prizes, providing a great platform for young artists to showcase their talents and for the community to come together to celebrate art.

Join us again next year!

(Art exhibition & award ceremony)

(Guizhou Art Show)

(Game and Album)

And Big Thank You to our volunteers!


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