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贵州2018 项目小结 (1) Guizhou 2018 Project Summary (1)

随着教育环境的改善,每次走访山区学校义工们都能感受到变化。 路况好起来了,人们生活有了很大的改善,政府或爱心人士资助的新教学楼渐渐取代了歪歪斜斜的老楼。 然而,义工们感触最深的是一部分学校运作的必需品或配套设施仍然缺乏或破损严重。 基金会的义工希望能从细节入手,实实在在地为孩子们带去一些小小的改变,让孩子们有更好的生活学习环境,让老师们能更安心地专注于教学。这里就是我们2018年在贵州开展的部分项目汇报。

As rural education improves, volunteers can see the changes every time they visit the villages in the mountains. The street conditions improve, the lives of people improve, and new schools built by the government or charities replacing the old and dilapidated ones. However, what the volunteers feel most is that some of the necessities or supporting facilities for daily school functions are still lacking or severely damaged. CTEF hopes to work with the details and bring some small and gradual changes. CTEF hopes the children can lead a better life and enjoy a better learning environment, and teachers can concentrate on teaching. Without further ado, here are some of our reports from projects in Guizhou in 2018.

延续开展多年的 “暖冬”项目, 明日中华教育基金会为从江县谷坪乡平友村平友小学和洛香镇方良小学的孩子们送来了上下铺铁床架 180 套和床上用品(七件套)360套。

Continuing on the multi-year “Warm Winter” project, CTEF sent 180 sets of bunk bed frames and 360 7-piece bedding sets to the children of Pingyou Elementary School and Pingxiang Elementary School.


Before the implementation of this project, the children slept on the floor during all four seasons. Many children slept in wooden dorms, which are very cold in the winter when the wind leaks through the walls.

贵州冬天由于湿度大,即使温度一般不低于零下十度,但寒气很重。 今年,有了床铺和新被褥的孩子们可以踏踏实实睡个好觉啦!

The winters in Guizhou are very humid, even though the temperatures generally stay above -10 Celsius. This year, with bedding and blankets, the children can finally have a good sleep!

学生课桌椅也是基金会执行多年的项目之一。 很多时候教室里的桌椅配备不完全或者破损严重。 今年秋天,帮土小学的孩子们都使用上了新桌椅!

The student tables and chairs project is also one of CTEF’s multi-year projects. A lot of the time the tables and chairs in a classroom are not sufficient in number or are broken. This fall, Bangtu Elementary School’s children all got new chairs and desks!

(实施前 / Before)

(实施后 / After)

饮食健康也是学校生活必不可少的一部分。 基金会2018年第三个贵州的项目就是翻修高吊小学的食堂。基金会另外为方良小学提供了整套的食堂设备。

Food and health are critical parts of student life. The third project in 2018 for CTEF in Guizhou was to renovate Gaodiao Elementary School’s kitchen and dining hall. The charity also provided Fangliang Elementary School with a full set of cafeteria equipment.

(施工中 / In the process of renovation)

(干净整洁的新食堂 / Clean and tidy new kitchen)

也许不能想到,学校的围墙对山区的孩子们有多重要。孩子们课间在操场上玩耍时,稍不留神球就被打到了校外或山下。老师们不得不提醒孩子们不要冒险去捡球。 除了孩子们的安全外,没有围墙的操场也是周围农户家的牲畜的活动场地,经常会给学校财物带来损害。基金会今年为翠里乡三工区小学修建了围墙。

Perhaps it is hard to imagine the importance of walls for schools in the mountains. When students play on the fields during break, the ball can be hit out of school grounds or down the mountain pretty easily. The teachers have no choice but to remind the children to not go pick up the balls out of fear for their safety. Other than the safety of the children, there is the fact that the surrounding lands are all pastures for the livestock of nearby families. This year, CTEF built a wall for Cuilixiang Sangongqu Elementary School.


Thanks to our donators for their trust and support – even though what we can do might be limited, every single step has brought real change.


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