Thank You Letter from Zhi Liu

(Translated by Hallie Xu)

Zhi Liu is a student we sponsored in Xuyong county, Sichuan. Last year, he received top score in Liberal Arts division of the whole Xuyong county. We run into his Thank You letter while going through documents and want to share it with you, our supporters!

I am writing to express my gratitude for your love and generosity. I felt tremendous joy when I received the scholarship aid, which lessened my worries and resolved some of my family’s financial predicaments. To us, your support is like an auspicious star that brings optimism and reassurement.

As of now, I am a senior in high school who will soon take the 2021 National College Entrance Exam. Senior year has been very rigorous and challenging yet bright and fulfilling. The pursuit of dreams is like planting a seed that will eventually blossom after years of diligence and dedication, and I find happiness in this process. I feel hopeful about the future, and I will continue to face hardships with a smile!

My hometown is Jiu Cheng, and my house is built by the river; tall mountains frame a backdrop of natural beauty while a single road leads into the distance. My first teacher was strict and came from the rural areas. After, I learned valuable skills throughout my different stages in education: elementary taught me how to communicate; middle school was an eye-opening experience; and high school was a place of significant growth and maturity. My growth throughout these years is built on the shoulders of my family, who have sacrificed and persevered to ensure an education for me.

Unfortunately, this was not the case for all. I have seen so many children drop out of school, a product of lacking interest, financial incapability, or parental de-emphasis on education. I can only regard these occurrences with sympathy and regret as I constantly reevaluate my choices to pursue education. I have come to a conclusion: education can truly change my life. It not only brings growth and knowledge but also paves the way for more opportunities. I want to traverse on the road that leads into the distance; I want to see the beauties of many different places; I want to experience life beyond the mountains of Jiu Cheng; I want to be passionate and pursue my dreams. My family’s support and your aid have motivated me to become someone who will use their influence and capabilities to spread light and happiness to others.

Thank you so much for all your all the help you have given me.

Sincerely yours,

Liu Zhi (Beneficiary of financial aid)

December 12th, 2020.

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