Thank You!

(By Qingyue Yang)





With your help, we are proud to say that we have continued running all our projects even with the impact of the pandemic. We sincerely appreciate all the support from our sponsors and dedication from our volunteers.

Together, with you, we are marching into our 22nd year of operation. We are working with more students, teachers, and schools. We are also exploring new ventures. “Teacher Personal Development” is one such new project. We sponsor teachers to grow in areas they are passionate by taking a diverse format of training. We hope our teachers can make better use of all available resources to grow and bring new ideas to rural education.

One person can go fast alone, but together we can go further. We are staying true to our mission, and together, we are making changes!

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新年伊始,明日中华教育基金会(基金会)和福建正荣公益基金会(正荣)经过双方的长期合作伙伴推荐,开始接触了解并探索合作意向。第一期的合作项目包括基金会长期项目 西部阳光童趣园和乡村厕所改造等。基金会之前在云南省多个地区资助了童趣园项目,今年随着地域发展,重心转至西北地区。 乡村厕所改造重点在完善学校的厕所设施和硬件条件,提高隐私和通风, 提供生理期配套指导等。 经过两个多月的筹备,近期得到成功立项和