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Pilot project progress update 试点项目进度更新

Updated: Jun 10, 2021

We launched two pilot projects "Music Classroom" and "Youth Wisdom Boot Camp" this year to enhance vision of students in rural China and to inspire passionate students and teachers to explore.


The project was launched at the end of April. Because this project has very high standard of school cooperation, we have carefully selected 6 schools after careful consideration. We are still in active communication with one more school but close to finalize. 项目四月底启动。 因为这个项目对学校配合要求度非常高,在这个交流过程中我们多次更改替换学校。 经过多方面的考虑, 基本确定了六所学校。还有一所学校还在最后完善合作细节。

Yunnan Baoshan Ruiji Middle School is a medium-sized private school. There are currently 17 classes with 751 students, including 5 junior high school classes and 12 high school classes. There are 54 full-time teachers and 2 full-time music teachers. As the leading school of the Art Education Collaborative Teaching and Research Community School in Longyang District, Baoshan City, it leads 20 neighboring schools in many cultural activities.

云南省保山瑞积中学 为一所中等规模的普惠性民办学校。现有17个教学班751人,其中初中5个班,高中12个班。有专任教师54人,音乐专职教师2人。作为保山市隆阳区艺术教育协同教研共同体学校的领头学校,带动20所邻近学校。

Mingde Primary School, Xiaopingtian, Lujiang Town, Longyang District, Baoshan City, Yunnan Province has 51 faculty members, 28 classes, and 1259 students ,1100 of whom are living on campus.

云南省保山市隆阳区潞江镇小平田明德小学 教职工51人,教学班28个,在校学生1259人,住校生1100人。 

Sandu Central Primary School in Huishui County, Guizhou Province is a large boarding school with 24 classes, 1,132 students and 69 faculty members.

贵州省惠水县三都中心小学 为一所大型寄宿制小学,现有24个教学班,在校学生1132人,现有教职工69人。

Dahaozhuang Middle School, Tangguantun Town, Jinghai District, Tianjin City has 18 classes with 747 students and 56 faculty members.

天津市静海区唐官屯镇大郝庄中学 现有18个教学班,在校生747人,教职员工56人。

Dazhangtun Middle School, Tangguantun Town, Jinghai District, Tianjin City currently has 12 classes with more than 460 students and 38 faculty members.

天津市静海区唐官屯镇大张屯中学 现有12个教学班,在校生460余人,教职工38人。

Gansu Zhenyuan Xinghua Middle School


Both "Music Classroom" and "Youth Wisdom Boot Camp" projects require the cooperation of the school.


Music classes will need school support and full-time music teachers to implement. After a lot of discussion, we have decided that the organizer will provide interested music teachers with an instrument during the first phase of the project (in June) to encourage them to participate and learn more about music during the summer break. When teachers learn music, they can spread it to others near them. For the second phase of the project, estimated to be in September and October, the school will expand the facilities of musical instruments according to the implementation progress, encouraging after-school music activities and small bands. However, each school's circumstances are different and communication is a critical and time consuming part of this process. Due to lack of staff, some music teachers transferred to teaching other core subjects. Other schools do not have professional music teachers or have instruments that are not used or even properly maintained. Some schools simply do not have music instruments. This is why we chose to implement our project in stages, overseeing each stage carefully to make sure everything is going smoothly in a sustainable fashion.

具体来说,音乐课堂需要学校支持并有专职音乐老师来参与。多次了解沟通后,主办方为了鼓励老师的参与, 项目一期六月会提供给感兴趣的音乐老师一件乐器,鼓励他们利用假期通过项目的专职指导老师来学习、进一步了解一定乐器。老师会了,就会影响到身边的人。第二期预计九,十月会根据执行进度来给学校扩宽乐器设施,鼓励课后音乐活动和小乐队等。 各个学校情况不同, 前期了解现状,沟通需求内容繁重。有的学校音乐教师因教师人数有限不能专职而是不得不转教主科,有的学校没有专业音乐教师,有的学校有乐器却没机会用以至于乐器闲置甚至没有得到合适的保养,还有的学校没有一些基本乐器。更难的在于落实持久实施。所以我们决定分期,要求较长时间的进度跟踪。

The competition will be divided into three categories: spoken English, geography, and technology. Currently, the competition books and materials have been distributed to schools and games such as chess and puzzles for children have also been put in place

竞赛项目分三类, 英语口语,地理风情, 和科技。 目前竞赛书籍材料已经发放到学校, 给孩子们的棋类拼图等游戏也已经到位。

The after school clubs are running as well!


We hope to see more kids get involved in these fun activities!



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