Good News!喜报! And The Best is Yet To Come!

今年刚刚结束的高考传来好消息- 我们基金会资助的四川叙永三中刘志同学以606分的好成绩成为全县文科状元!

We just received great news from one of our sponsored students, Zhi Liu, in this year's college entrance exams. Zhi Liu received the top score in the Liberal Arts division of the whole Xuyong county.

对于一个来自山区的孩子, 这样的成绩真是非常难能可贵,离不开孩子自己的坚持和学校师长们的精心指导。

It is not a trivial achievement for a student from a rural area. This could not have happened without her own perseverance, her dedicated teacher and her encouraging school environment.


CTEF has been sponsoring Zhi Liu since 2016 when she was still in Middle school.


She was also one of our honored students this year for our annual Art Contest.

一起来看看她给资助人写的的感谢信, 再一次被孩子的坚持,乐观,眼界打动。希望她有更好的明天!

Let's read her letter to her sponsor together. We cannot help but be touched by her dedication, optimism and vision. For her, we believe that the best is yet to come!

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