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By Gia Guo

童趣园是明日中华教育基金会资助欠发达地区幼儿成长的学校建设项目。这个项目通过和我们的合作伙伴西部阳光选址,建设,教育设备购置和后期培训来进行。项目的主要服务对象是当地的留守儿童,希望他们能有机会接受到基本的学前教育,快乐成长。同时也为乡村幼儿教师提供专业培训,积累幼教经验。童趣园项目开展已经四年了, 过去几年里我们一直扎根在云南,持续为云南宣威和云龙县修建了4所童趣园,今年我们再次为宣威县西宁街道锦西幼儿园修建了一所童趣园。希望能通过锦西童趣园作为试点项目,在未来扩展到周边村落。



TongQuYuan is the school project funded by the China Tomorrow Education Foundation for the support of pre-school children in rural areas in China. This project is carried out through site selection, construction, educational equipment purchase and post-training with our partner Beijing Western Sunshine Rural Development Foundation. By setting up TongQuYuan project for the pre-school children, we provide them with equal opportunity to receive basic preschool education and grow up happily. At the same time, it also provides professional training for rural preschool teachers to accumulate preschool education experience. The TongQuYuan project has been underway for four years. In the past few years, we have been rooted in Yunnan and have continued to build four TongQuYuan projects in Xuanwei and Yunlong. This year we have built another one for Jinxi Kindergarten in Xining Street, Xuanwei.

TongQuYuan is a wooden hut built on a concrete steel frame. It only needs exterior painting to maintain it. The construction materials are inspected for safety by a professional construction team. Generally, it only takes a few days to build. There are over a hundred of educational games and picture books for children. Western Sunshine will train teachers and regularly supply toys and books.

In the special year of 2021, our partner, Sowers Action, helped us again in participating in the site selection, supervision and return visits of the project. Although we have limited ways to raise funds during the pandemic, we hope to continue this project to support early childhood education in rural areas and provide more children with a healthy environment for learning and playing. Thank you for supporting us!


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