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2022 CTEF Board & Management Gathering

It has been a long time! After 3 years of pandemic, we finally get a chance to get together, with President Waisiu Luo came to Seattle (from China) for a visit. We are glad to see new friends joining us, and thrilled to see old friends.

First, our treasurer, Gia Guo, reviewed 2022 financial (till Nov 2022), the management team approved projects conducted in year 2022. We then voted board members. Each year, we vote half the board to keep the stability of the board. This year, we welcome Mengke Li to rejoin the board, also welcome new members: Vicky Liu and Cecelia Yan. The new board then voted the management team. We will soon announce our growing team in our team page.

After covering all admin related tasks, we moved on to project updates and new project discussions. It has been tough past few years and it does not seem to be getting any easier. Frankly, it is very hard to move forward by any one of us alone. But together, we support each other, trying to contribute a little, helping a little more.

And of course, the most important is to have some fun, so much to catch up! We are looking forward to restart our annual volunteering gathering in the coming summer.

Thank you all, volunteers!


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