2018 项目完成汇报 Project Summary

2018 学校项目 School Project

2017-2018 学年 1+1 助学项目资助学生 163 人; 2018-2019 已经审批 178 人, 待审批 13 人,后续新申请人数未知

2017-2018 School Year 1+1 Student Sponsorship supported 163 students; 2018-2019 School Year 178 Applicants (73 sponsored as of 11/30/2018), 13 candidates to be approved, new application incoming

2017-2018 学年教师奖奖励乡村教师 11 人, 海南教师补助计划 5人; 2018-2019 新申请人开始提交申请

2017-2018 School Year Teacher Award Program supported 11 teachers and new Hainan program sponsored 5 teachers. 2018-2019 School Year New application incoming

We are fortunate to have so many friends supporting us.

Specifically, the preschool program this year received generous support from Janice Cai, Laura Yang, Margaret Liu, China Harbor, My International Real Estate, Tekbloom Consulting, The MHK Family Health and Education Fund, Karen Tsuo & Mark Leece, etc. Special thanks goes to three high school students, 顾鸿予, 税宸。 潘怡霖!

We have friends that sponsor specific program, thank you, Yiru Tang, for supporting teacher 李跳华 (2018-2019)!

We have young student 严子绮 who raised money for 1+1 program student at her birthday party.

Last but not least, we are grateful to our partner Little Masters Club-- their GEST program has helped us collect student information in several regions in China. They have held several high-impact fund raising events for many years!

And of course, there are many, many others that support us for years,

We sincerely appreciate this great community, and honored to make a change with you all! Thank you!

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