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明日中华教育基金会参与本地活动 CTEF Participate Local Events

( volunteer 戴佳, translation Patrick Peng)


CTEF participated two local events in this beautiful Fall in Seattle, to enhance our impact in local community, to encourage recognition, understanding and participation.


Seattle Education and Community Fair is held on Sept 21 with overwhelming audience. Over 70 organizations participated this event starting 10:00 am. We are honored with best location of the event given our status in the community. Many guests showed strong interested and appreciation of our projects, such as 1+1 student sponsorship, libraries and Kindergarten Fun Classroom. They then joined our social media to learn more about our work.

基金会到今年已经运作了20年,我们80%的捐赠都来自微软,这都要归功于该公司MATCH政策的给力。10月1日,基金会参加了2019 ODSP Give Campaign Kick-Off+Nonprofit Expo,再次深入推广,希望更多的微软员工能够关注到我们而不仅限于华人。这次活动非常成功,虽然时间有限,我们认真热情地向每位前来咨询的微软爱心员工详细介绍了基金会的宗旨、特点和过往项目,除了扫描捐赠页面外还有不少朋友给基金会的运作提出了建议:比如做中美友好学校结对交流等等。要特别感谢基金会的执行成员李孟珂,除了平时对基金会项目的运作管理,作为微软员工她一直在公司积极推广明日中华,申请安排我们参加活动。希望微软公司能有更多像孟珂这样的志愿者可以加入到我们中间。

CTEF has been in operation for about 20 years. We are greatly benefited by local organization and communities. Microsoft funds about 80% of our donation. Microsoft's MATCH program strongly encourages volunteer and donors to support local charitable cause. CTEF participated 2019 MSFT-ODSP Give Campaign Kick-Off+Nonprofit Expo on Oct 1st and introduce our cause to more audience at MSFT. With limited time, we carefully explained our mission, specialty, and projects. Many friends also gave suggestions to our further work. Special thanks goes to Mengke, our long time volunteer. With a busy work schedule and regular volunteer work at CTEF, she has been a strong voice for CTEF. We hope to see more volunteers like Mengke!


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