宣威锦西幼儿园阳光童趣园项目在建+验收工作组报告 Status Report on TongQuYuan Project in Xuanwei, Yunnan

Updated: Jul 19

(BY 施元玲 Yuanling Shi)

基金会,合作方苗圃行动 和 执行方西部阳光 再次合作, 完成云南宣威的又一所童趣园项目。 下面节选自苗圃义工的验收汇报。

CTEF, MiaoPu and XiBuYangGuang partnered together on the new 2021 TongQuYuan project at Xuanwei, Yunnan. Here is snippets from the project review report.

这次项目所在地是锦西幼儿园。 宣威市西宁街道锦西幼儿园位于宣威市城郊,采取民办公助形式办学,居委会租赁房屋,宣威市幼儿园定点帮扶。幼儿园于2019年审批新建,现有幼儿76人,目前开设托班、小班、中班、大班四个班级,共有教职工10人。幼儿园基础配套设施基本完善,有办公室、教室、舞蹈室、厨房、储藏室、卫生间等,幼儿园占地面积2600平方米,建筑面积1200平方米。幼儿园认真做好入园体检、定期检查、晨检及全日健康观察,落实一日常规管理。幼儿每天有2-3小时的户外活动,1小时体育活动。

This project is located in JinXi area Kindergarten, which located in the rural area of city of Xuanwei. It is funded privately with assistance from government, and property rented by local residential organization. The Kindergarten was approved and built in 2019. It currently hosts 76 students and 10 teachers/staff, with 4 grades at preschool level. It has basic facilities, such as office, classrooms, dancing room, kitchen, storage and bathrooms with building area 1200-sqrt and total coverage area 2600-sqft. It has a well defined daily routine with 2-3 hours of outdoor time and 1 hour sports time. It also has special focus on health and hygiene requirement/




The TongQuYuan project started on July 8th 2021 and completed on July 1oth. First step: foundation is made up of 6 parts (80x80cm each) with concrete and steel bars. Second step: first layer of prebuilt structure. Third step: Second layer and third layer of prebuilt structure. Forth step: roof, beam, circuit, window, roof attachment, water-proofing, and roof tile. Fifth step: sealing, wall attachment, climbing wall, internet ready, paint, and clean. Six step: toys, books and training.

The first step is completed on July 8th. Second, third, and forth step are done by July 9th. In the morning of July 10th, the team finished step 5. Afternoon of July 10th, the students, parents and teachers tour the facility led by Mr. Xiang Chuan from XiBuYangGuang. Mr. Xiang also led the training session and introduce several partitions of the facility, including: children's living and storage, fine motor skill area, activity area, teacher storage area, role playing area, music area, art area, book area and enrichment toy area. These first group of students enjoyed an afternoon exploring all new facility!




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